We’re thrilled skinny (or in my case thrilled a bit plump) to be launching our formal membership drive – open to all ages, all sizes and all types. The only requirement is that you commit to work with us to make co-pro happen. The Membership Form  asks you to agree to our shared principles and to decide on what you want to do to make things better – that’s your Co-production Promise. We are also asking you to keep other members updated about your progress – we’ll send out six-monthly requests for feedback and share that with other members via our website and Newsletter so that we are all in a permanent state of inspired glee!

And we’re using the Form to begin our evaluation process; finding out where we are at now so that we can see where things are improving over time (and where they aren’t). We’ve asked you to tell us about your life, work and community and to provide a ‘story’ of what’s important to you right now. We’ll use a great piece of kit called SenseMaker to turn your experiences in to data that will help us identify strengths, gaps and priorities.

And in return? Well there’s the much sought-after limited edition Co-pro Hero Badge for starters, plus:

  • We’ll create a growing network of people from across Wales who are working to make their lives, organisations, or communities better through co-production.
  • We’ll help members to share with each other – time, skills, experience & resources.
  • We’ll share information, organise events, offer training, and work to change policy and practice so that members can make progress with the things that matter to them.
  • We’ll create a searchable on-line directory – a who, what and where asset map of co-pro in Wales.
  • In short, we’ll strengthen our collective voice and influence and make good things happen.

We are aiming for 120 active members by the end of July. One click on the Membership Form and that could be you…

Together we can change the world – starting with Wales!

Lots of people have helped to create this initial version, especially the wonderful Bethan Smith of RCTInterlink and the glorious Rick Wilson of Community Lives Consortium. Huge thanks to them. We’ll be refining the form as we go along – please feel free to suggest additions or improvements.


For further information about coproduction in Rhondda Cynon Taf – please give me a call, Simon 01443 846221 or email sjames@interlinkrct.org.uk – we can really do this by working together, and RCT is a hot bed for coproduction – let’s make it even hotter!!! 🙂