Interlink RCT

‘Working with and connecting individuals, communities and organisations’

We believe that we can tackle poverty and improve wellbeing by working together and harnessing the huge amount of knowledge and skills held by individuals, communities and organisations.

Interlink is a charity and is the County Voluntary Council for Rhondda Cynon Taf (RCT), an ‘umbrella’ or ‘Hub’ organisation for community and voluntary groups, we have over 500 members.

We believe stronger communities result from building on their existing assets and strengths, empowering individuals, communities and organisations to have an equal voice and to make a difference through community development. The better we understand, listen and work together; the better we can make a difference, reduce inequality, tackle poverty and improve wellbeing.

Interlink works with individuals, communities and organisations to provide:

  • Community Advice and Support

    "information, advice, training and resources to take action and make a difference"

  • Volunteering

    "guidance and support to ensure volunteers are valued and supported in high quality volunteer opportunities and programmes"

Interlink supports the third sector, which includes individuals, services users, communities, community and social enterprise, formal and informal community and voluntary organisations. We enjoy working with anyone who has an interest in building stronger communities, including public and private sector organisations. We will fully involve all the people we work with in what we do by coproducing outcomes with individuals, communities and organisations.

We are here to help:

phone01443 846200